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Smart Paint Repair


Lamassat Smart Paint Repair Systems provides top-tier body repairs at select car dealerships in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We employ specialized technology to target only the damaged area, avoiding the extensive removal of car parts. We specialize in immediate fixes for scratches, scuffs, dents, alloy wheel refurbishment, and stone chips. Our services also include high-quality wax auto paint restoration polish. For repairs beyond our scope, we can connect you with our trusted professional bodyshops. Every job is meticulously assessed. Unlike most body shops, our skilled technicians prioritize repairs over costly part replacements whenever feasible. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we often offer repairs at costs lower than insurance excesses. Explore other services, featuring Car care Abu Dhabi, car wrapping and Car tinting Al Ain

Benefits of Smart Paint Repairs

Smart Paint Repair


Traditional bodyshops often repaint entire panels, consuming more paint and time. SMART repair focuses solely on damaged sections, significantly reducing costs.

Smart Paint Repair | Efficiency


SMART repairs typically take just a day, minimizing downtime for your vehicle.

Smart Paint Repair | Convenient


SMART repair services are often mobile, visiting your location, ensuring minimal inconvenience for car owners.

Smart Paint Repair Service

Preserve No Claims Discount

Minor damage and low repair costs allow you to avoid insurance claims, preserving your No Claims Discount.

Smart Paint Repair | Resale

Enhance Resale Value

Minor defects can reduce a car's resale value. SMART repairs enhance aesthetics, potentially increasing the selling price.

Smart Paint Repair

Perfect Finish

Specialized techniques and materials ensure a seamless color match, making repairs virtually invisible compared to the car's original paintwork.


Smart paint repair is a advanced technique of repairing a vehicle by employing specialized tools, paints, and materials to address damage in a specific, localized area. This cutting-edge technique seamlessly fixes minor dents, scratches, and chips, making your car look brand new
SMART Repair service saves time and money by efficiently repairing minor dents, scratches, and alloy wheel damage. Customers enjoy a cost-effective solution that restores their vehicle's appearance, preserving its value and enhancing its curb appeal
The time required depends on the extent of the damage, but typically it takes 1-2 hours. We will provide prior notice if the repair is expected to take significantly longer

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