Paint Protection Film

Lamassat Window Film uses high-grade film “QUATECT” one of the Uniglobe PPF films with special Self- Healing property at normal temperature. PPF protects the paint from scratches and dents with high protective force & stretch properties; moreover, the appearance of the car will not be effected due to its high transparency and gloss.

Self- Healing coat layer of the film surface that improved transparency, smoothness, and quality after installation. Our film can be installed on the most complexed curved areas more smoothly & it has anti- fouling property that reduces the adhesion of dirt for using at longest time.

The film has a thickness of 150 microns which is strong and flexible film, with high- transmittance polymer polyurethane materials used.


  • Durability & flexibility
  • Repels water & Self- Healing properties
  • Protect paint from stone chips, dents
  • Preserve the value of the car