Nano-Ceramic Technology

Lamassat Premium Window Film chooses to partner with Echelon Zen- Xero which undoubtly has the high- end coating product in Echelon series. It’s high coating durability up to 5 years, and has excellent water- repellency and smoothness because of the fluorine. This glass coating can protect from birds secretion, UV rays, and scratches. It has accelerator acts as primer agent that strongly bind the coat and paint, which also gives deep glossy surface.

We also offer services for the leather protection, wheels, headlights and metal trim. We use Echelon Zen- Xero Vario that is made in Japan a glass coating agent which has polysilazane that provides thickness of coat & durability to protect the wheel. A strong protective coat for leather from dirt without ruining the texture of leather materials. It prevents also the deterioration of headlights and even the aluminum, stainless and metal trims.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduce stains “Dynamic water-repellent effect”
  • Deep “gloss and shine” perfect mostly for dark- colored cars
  • Excellent chemical resistance due to fluorine components
  • Protect form stone chips, dents, UV rays, & birds secretion
  • Durability of the coating up to 5 years