Car Care

Leather Protection

Cleaning the leather of your car is very important, traditional cleaning is not enough to maintain its texture. The best way to protect the leather is choosing the strong protective coat, that gets rid of the dirt easily. With Zen- Xero Vario a revolutionary coating agent to protect leather surfaces with glass coat without ruining the texture of leather materials.

Wheel Protection

Wheels are exposed to harsh environment; brake dust and greasy dirt can easily get on them. No worries, because we will handle this for you by using our glass coating agent for aluminum wheels, that will provide both thickness of coat and durability that is necessary for protection of wheels.


Deterioration and white turbidity of the hard coat layer of the surface of the headlights, problem no more. We can fix this problem, through our product Zen-Xero Vario formulated specially for headlights that will prevent the deterioration of the coat itself and also protects polycarbonate. Restoration of headlights transparency will be achieved.

Rims Protection

Flashy car rims is one of the warmest trends of today, which is getting popular gradually. We offer the best rims protection that is made in UK, which protect the rims from common scratches when parking overcoming high curbs. It enhances the look & life of your alloy wheels. We have different colors to offer to suit your own preference.


  • Enhance style & fashion w/ different colors
  • Durable made in UK
  • Provide superior alloy wheel protection against alloy wheel kerb & pothole damage

Car Polishing

Polishing is done by our professional and well- trained staff, using a “bigfoot system “with an optimum result in just one step that will remove any scratch on painted surface, aside from using silicone free abrasive compound and equipment which treats surfaces without raising the temperature or removing paint layers. Thus, gives extra shine and brightness to your vehicle with no holograms and swirl marks.

Polishing is restoration or revival of the paints creating a high degree of gloss.


  • Remove scratches & swirl marks
  • More shiny & glossy
  • Better physical appearance
  • Minimize drying & cracking
  • Restore auto paints that has lost its shine due to oxidation.